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Andrew Watkins

Andrew Watkins, Systems Development Manager, National Institute Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), New Zealand.

Andrew Watkins has 25 years as a Software Engineer delivering practical real world products.

An experienced and skilled software engineer, designer and team leader. Able to take ideas from conception through a full software development life cycle, managing teams using Agile methodologies, good people skills, and a focus on practical quality. A good communicator, market aware and focussed on deliverables. An innovator, trailblazer and trouble-shooter. Key skills in Web 2.0 applications, Real Time Systems, Communications, Networks, digital signal processing, control, data logging and data presentation. Strong Internet/Intranet, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Java COM etc. and proven human interface design skills. A self-starter and capable and enthusiastic teacher,

Andrew Watkins is a father of 4 children and Married to Millie.  He lives on Waiheke Island in the beautiful Hauraki Gulf near Auckland.

He is Fascinated by the magical interaction of food and micro-organisms, brewing, fermenting, cheese making and pickles.  


Andrew Watkins's Background

Andrew Watkins's Experience

Software Technical Lead at Vianet International

December 2007 - October 2008

Vianet allows tourism operators to connect with travellers online and in real-time. We make selling tourism products online really easy.

Software Architect - User Interface Group at Mitac Technology Corporation

April 2007 - December 2007

Navman has been acquired by MiTAC and is now Navman Technology NZ an R&D centre for MiTAC. All our positions remain the same.

Software Architect - User Interface at Navman NZ

April 2005 - December 2007

Navman make consumer GPS navigation systems. Iam Leading the User interface group and designing and developing new user interface technologies. Also Project Technical Lead for latest product line.

Software Architect UI at Navman New Zealand

2005 - December 2007

Senior Software Engineer at Navman

2005 - 2007

Contract Software Engineer at Mobix Ltd

March 2003 - April 2005

Mobix provide an Audio Conferencing system. This system allows multiple mobile users to call into a single number for an audio conference. I designed and implemented a Smartphone application, - BuzzCall, that allows the user to quickly set up group calls by picking names from the contacts list and texting the Mobix Server. The server constructs an audio conference and sends an SMS message to each participant giving the number to dial into the conference. Buzz Call is a cross platform application running on Symbian Series 60,80 and UIQ plus Windows CE Pocket PC and Smartphone.

Senior Software Developer at Stack Limited, Oxon, UK

1989 - 2004

Contract Software Engineer at Orange plc

December 2002 - March 2003

Smartphone, C++, ATL, XML, GPRS, Instant Messaging. Design and development an Instant Messaging Application for the Orange SPV. This application uses a combination of Web based pages and XML based Messaging to provide a highly interactive application that allows users to share information about the music they play, to find friends with similar interests and to text and chat together.

Contract Software Engineer at MobileSoft Inc

August 2002 - December 2002

C,C++, WinCE – Pocket PC 2002 Mobilesoft are a US company producing downloadable audio clips of news briefings aimed at business users. I developed a PocketPC client that tracked, displayed and played briefings synchronised onto the handheld device. This was an urgent and fixed price contract.

Contract Software Engineer at Picsel Technologies Ltd

August 2001 - August 2002

C,C++, WinCE – Pocket PC 2002 Picsel have developed a versatile graphical presentation engine that supports a wide variety of document data formats such as MS Word, Powerpoint, Image formats (jpeg,gif etc). PDF. This engine is strongly cross platform and aimed primarily at handheld devices. My role was to develop Windows CE (Pocket PC) applications to make the engine into a useful file viewer and Internet browser. This involved user interface design and development, system wide optimisation (both time and space) and debugging. Picsel are based in Glasgow but all my work was carried out at my home office. In a separate project I ported the Picsel ePAGE Interactive File Viewer Application to the Sendo Z100 Smartphone.

Director at Ansae Ltd

1998 - 2002

Senior Software Engineer at Sendo Ltd

August 1999 - August 2001

Sendo was a start up full stream mobile phone company with operations in the UK, mainland Europe, Hong Kong and China. The company, founded in August 1999, offers high-performance, competitively-priced, reliable products and services to the fast growing cellular market. I was recruited by Sendo as chief software engineer to design and develop the software for Sendo’s first mobile phone product and also to build the software group from 1 to 20 staff in 6 months. Although I did not have previous GSM experience my wide range of expertise in all areas of practical software development took the company successfully through this rapid growth stage.

Software Engineer at Stack Ltd

1989 - 1994

Systems Development Team Manager at NIWA

October 2008

NIWA is The National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research, New Zealand The Systems development team is responsible for all the major NIWA web sites and web services including managing some very large data sets and commercial applications.

Andrew Watkins's Education

Aston University

1981 – 1984


Andrew Watkins's Interests & Activities

Mathematics, Cooking and Fermentation, Sustainability and Environment.

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